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CCS is a lie, and the german feedin tarrifs has done approximately nothing to reduce the carbon intensity of the german economy. Copying that policy will, therefore, also do approximatly nothing. I really wish that people would focus on copying carbon emission reduction strategies with a proven track record of actually reducing emissions. Which pretty much means large scale hydro (see; recent experience of portugal) and nukes... wait, I think I actually saw something in that direction recently.. ah, right, here we go.


Not nearly enough, tough.

grumpy If we are to avoid killing ourselves via carbon emissions, we need to build non-carbon emmitting generating capacity sufficient to displace all current electricity consumption, + about 50% more to displace carbon intensive industrial processes and transport with electricity. A wind mill here and there, or a lone nuke plant or two will really just not suffice, what is nessesary is build plans on the scales that gave france, sweden and the swizz carbon free grid.

by Thomas on Wed Nov 10th, 2010 at 06:05:17 AM EST

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