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I am going to just flat out state that the odds of an automobile manufactured in 2025 being a gasoline burner are approximately nil.

Petrol to hydrogen to electricity

Volvo is taking its C30 DRIVe Electric concept to the next level and adding a hydrogen fuel cell to extend the EV's 94-mile range, creating a hybrid hydrogen-electric plug-in. The fuel cell will add another 155 miles of range, but what's really interesting is the way Volvo plans on sourcing the hydrogen: from gasoline.

Rather than relying on the promised hydrogen highway to be built, Volvo is exploring the use of an on-board reformer to process gasoline into hydrogen gas. The fuel cell will use the hydrogen gas to power the electric motor when the C30's 24kwh battery has been depleted, more than doubling the vehicle's range without increasing battery size.

Creating hydrogen from gasoline may sound a little like robbing Peter to pay Paul, but the conversion process is about 85 percent efficient

A rather convoluted techno-fix that adds up to doubling the mileage you get from the gas... but it's hard to get around the fact that petrol (or more precisely, diesel) is, and will remain for a while, the transport fuel of choice because it's so energy-dense and easy to handle (I don't expect to see widespread hydrogen infrastructure in my lifetime)

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by eurogreen on Thu Nov 11th, 2010 at 04:05:09 AM EST
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