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I'm afraid that Faux News will be happy to help declare that war. To those that Faux News sends faux fauxts, this diary with attendant pictures is further proof that "Global Warming" (their quotation marks not mine, typically air quotes during regurgitation of Faux/GOP talking points) is bullshit.

I believe saw in a local paper that natural disasters have killed more people in 2010 than the previous 40 years. While natural disasters include non weather or climate related events as well as climate driven events, and thinking open minded individuals would want to know how many were related to weather or climate, I expect to see (not with my own eyes, I don't want my head to explode as a result of watching Faux) a Glenn Beck chalk board somehow showing a relationship between Al Gore, Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler and Mao, with the "truth" (my quotes this time) about how the Fascist Communist Socialist Liberal Elitist Main Stream Media is part of a conspiracy hiding the real cause of these deaths.

Which is, of course, the death camps/panels that are part of ObamaCare (with more pictures of evil). It would be obvious to his brain dead closed minded inbred viewers following his "logic" (mine again) that these deaths were deliberately caused to support Al Gore's (picture of Al, the center of a rosette surround by pictures of Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Bin Laden, and the rest of the rogues gallery) "theory" (their quotes) of climate change/global warming.

They all know that a theory is not reality. Unless it is the "theory" (mine again) of Creationism. That is in the Bible, so the hell with "science" (theirs), which is based on experimentation and research to determine the explanation that best fits facts. No, the false god of science is trumped by the one true God. And so, any of Glenn's Faux Fauxts that can be supported by some convoluted logic linking them to the Bible are the "TRUTH" (mine) as given to us by the Lord God Almighty on High.

by Mentatmark (mentatmark at gmail dot com) on Tue Dec 21st, 2010 at 10:46:14 AM EST
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