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The last, for me, is the most misunderstood.  Using the standard analogy, to get a computer to "do" something the requirements are usually given as:

  1.  hardware

  2.  software

  3.  running the program on the hardware

But that's only true in the grossest sense.

The hardware comprises more than physical objects, e.g., microcode.  The software depends on programming language, compilers, & etc. as well as the exact hardware environment since part of that is user defined, e.g., which port the printer is hooked up to.  Once the program is running how it affects the system depends on how the user uses the program, e.g. computer viruses.    

And, of course, to make things even more fun the hardware is constantly changing in and from subtle to  gross ways.  The software ditto, the hardware plus software ditto, and the current running program can self-modify.


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by ATinNM on Sun Jan 2nd, 2011 at 12:26:58 PM EST
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