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I find pointing out parallels with historic practices or ideas worthwhile, but not by bringing up fascism of any sort. Bringing up fascism, or Nazism, as an ideological framework is a pitfall too many adversaries of Wilders have run into. Bringing up these ideologies will immediately tilt debate to Wilders' profit, because it fits his own position as a person being vilified.

Saunders points out the parallels of Wilders' ideas with anti-semitism as they were framed by Hitler. It was anti-semitism that became incorporated into all kind of forms of fascism, including Nazism. At the core, Wilders is forming a new breed of anti-semitism. The focus should go there, and not to any Godwin parallels. Which is why I observed belatedly in the comment below that this diary also might have crossed the Godwin Law.

However, I'm sure there are plenty of anti-semitism parallels to be found prior to the rise of Nazism.

by Nomad (Bjinse) on Sun Mar 21st, 2010 at 07:08:15 PM EST
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