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You should correct the feed in tariffs figures from €/w to €/kwh. Watt is measure of power, not energy.

True, the problem is that I don't have capacity factors, so I can't calculate €/kwh from €/w.  The comparison is relative, but I thought useful.  

The PV tariff is huge, huge, huge. I imagine that the Portuguese us close enough that you get most of the graph.  Look at where the rise in subsidies is coming from, thermic solar.  Installed capacity is going to be increasing by 39.4% annually, on average, over the next 3 years. This looks like what happened with wind in the country in the late 1990s.

This is why I see Spain as the country where you have solar break out leak wind did, and it's a lot of the same companies.  As cool as the Pelamis contraptions are, I think that the breakwater technology being tested along the coast west of Bilbao is more likely to work.  With sea levels rising, there are going to have to be better sea walls built, and if you can incorporate energy production into the project with a small marginal cost, then all the energy sales have to pay for is the marginal cost of energy generation equipment.  That's an ugly sentence, but I think that the thought is clear.

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