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It's the domestic versus commercial wind debate in a different context.

Huh, no. Unlike small and big wind, (1) they are different technologies, and (2) you can't apply the same scale factors for every generating mode.

Ad 1, while the difference between domestic and MW-scale wind is largely in the capacity factor (wind is much worse near the surface than a few dozen metres high, while turbines are the same basic technology with production+installation costs per kW not being strongly non-proportional), electricity generating solarthermal is not scaled-up PV, and even their geographic viability differs.

Ad 2, for wind already, the ideal plant size is much smaller than for coal or gas or nuclear (and got the same insane attacks comparing 1MW turbines to 1GW nuclear reactors). PV, concentrated solar and electricity generating solarthermal are different technologies, so the ideal plant size is different.

It's so high that it will suck money out of investments in thermo-solar in wind

Sorry but this is complete bullshit. The FIT is not a subsidy paid from a limited budget by the state, but a fixed price paid by distributors and thus redistributed among consumers.

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by DoDo on Sat May 1st, 2010 at 04:01:32 PM EST
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