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Spanish PV After The Crash

 From roaring boom to crippling bust, the story of Spain's solar industry has entered into the mythology of the renewable energy business. For free market economists it is a fireside tale of the dangers of government interference, while for the opponents of renewable energy it is exhibit 'A' in the case against solar. But as the dust settles, we can now analyze what really happened, and answer the question: Is the Spanish solar industry terminally ill?
"Spanish PV companies have shown a great resistance and great capacity to adapt to really bad times. We are growing now and continue growing more in the medium and long term," said Diaz.

 There is also more emphasis on household systems. Prior to the crash, vast and somewhat controversial ground-mounted arrays made up the bulk of installations. These may now be a thing of the past.

"The current support scheme is better for rooftop and domestic systems than the former one. We are now trying to introduce net metering to the support scheme and the government likes the idea," wrote Diaz.

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