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Is commercial scale solar going to be PV or thermo-solar?  

PV is dominated by residential size units.  

Thermo-solar is dominated by very large plants on the order of a decent sized windfarm.

It's the domestic versus commercial wind debate in a different context.

I think that there's a great argument for keeping the FIT put €0.2694/Kwh for thermosolar, but I just don't see the argument for encouraging rooftop installations.  PV is great for specific uses (like when used with LEDs for streetlights) but it seems that money is better directed into thermo-solar.

Plus, I think that the merit order effect probably has a cost benefit factor, which means that at some point the money paid in by consumers in FIT isn't recovered in lower electricity prices.  I have no idea where that is, but I do think that it needs to be taken into account.

FITs are investments, and I'm not convinced that the current Spanish rate for PVs is a good investment.  It's so high that it will suck money out of investments in thermo-solar in wind, and encourage every building board to put some PV arrays on the roof to cash in.  The problem is that the capacity added is going to be minscule.

Thermo-solar yes.  Wind yes.  PVs no.

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