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I bet here is the "specific something" that got the LDP and its media lackeys to get really riled up against Hatoayam -- and which ultimately probably forced Hatoyama to make his "heartbreaking decision":

Why is the U.S. sticking to relocating Futenma to Henoko? - The Mainichi Daily News

In any case, one cannot help but wonder why Washington is sticking to the plan to move the base to Henoko.

A clue to the question can be found in a copy of a Japan-U.S. secret agreement on nuclear weapons in Okinawa, which was found in the drawer of the late former Prime Minister Eisaku Sato's desk earlier this spring.

The document states that the U.S. government requires that nuclear arsenals in Kadena, Naha and an area around Henoko, Okinawa Prefecture, be kept operational at all times so that they can be used in any serious emergency situation.

It also says the Japanese government will be prepared to meet these requirements in cases where prior consultations are held over the use of the arsenals.

Then Prime Minister Sato and then U.S. President Richard Nixon signed the document designated as "top secret."

The document shows that there was a nuclear arsenal in Henoko and that the two countries secretly agreed that U.S. forces would bring nuclear arms into the facility in case of a military conflict.

It raises suspicions that if a secret nuclear facility still exists in Henoko, what is called a "deterrent in Okinawa" refers to the facility. If so, no wonder the United States is sticking to relocating Futenma base to Henoko. (By Hidetoshi Kaneko, Expert Senior Writer)

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