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That was a rant from me, and certainly not directed at you (perhaps at Migeru though). I was staying with the spirit of DCB's speech ; none of the historical grievances can justify the exorbitant military budgets which are a drain on both nations.

I am somewhat aware of the context of Greek/Turkish issues. The subtext is clearly the massive exchanges of populations in the 1920s at the end of the Ottoman empire. Since then, both have had periods of military government, and obviously the military's stock in trade depends on keeping the sense of mutual grievance alive. My sentiment is that the populations of both countries are more than ready to  turn the page on the historical grievances, but that they need to break the logjam with respect to the military's inflated sense of its own importance. This is likely to be especially problematic in the case of Turkey, since the military have a very high sense of their role as guaranteeing national sovereignty (and hold considerable economic power to boot).

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by eurogreen on Wed Jun 9th, 2010 at 11:13:47 AM EST
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