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European Tribune - Daniel Cohn-Bendit on Greece
Cyprus was invaded in 1974 by Turkey, a member of Nato, and since then no one has made much about it, inspite of the adhesion of half of the island to the EU in 2003.
This would be like blaming the Falkland war on Britain rather than on a desperate attempt by the Argentinean junta to shore up the popularity of their dictatorship.

Turkish invasion of Cyprus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In the spring of 1974, Cypriot intelligence discovered that EOKA-B was planning a coup against President Makarios[25] which was sponsored by the military junta of Athens.

The junta had come to power in a military coup in 1967 which was condemned by the whole of Europe but had the support of the United States. In the autumn of 1973 after the 17 November student uprising there had been a further coup in Athens in which the original Greek junta had been replaced by one still more obscurantist headed by the Chief of Military Police, Brigadier Ioannides, though the actual head of state was General Phaedon Gizikis.

On 2 July 1974, Makarios wrote an open letter to President Gizikis complaining bluntly that 'cadres of the Greek military regime support and direct the activities of the 'EOKA-B' terrorist organization'. The Greek Government's immediate reply was to order the go-ahead to the conspiracy. On 15 July 1974 sections of the Cypriot National Guard, led by its Greek officers, overthrew the Government.

Intercommunal conflict in Cyprus came to a head because of a coup launched by the Greek Junta (in power with US support!) and all we remember about it is that Turkey invaded Cyprus in response and is therefore to blame for Greece's oversized military?

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