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  • For states of Germany, here (pages 7 and 14) you find potential shares for installed wind in net electricity consumption [based on longtime average wind speeds and 2008 consumption; due to below average winds and significant new capacity added during the year, 2009's actual numbers must have been a tenth or so below these]. While Germany's Northernmost state Schleswig-Holstein indeed sports the 40% number I mentioned, I forgot that East German states catched up, with Sachsen-Anhalt leading at 47%. For all of Germany (see in German), wind's share was 6.5% (a slight drop due to below average winds).

  • I intended to say 40% for Western Denmark, but now see that I mis-remembered and it is not so uneven. For all of Denmark, in 2009, based on data here (Excel!), wind's share in net consumption (with losses) was 19.32%. (That number shall definitely pass 20% with the off-shore farm mentioned in the diary.) The monthly peak was 28.59% in November, and the low was 12.66% in April.

  • For much bigger Spain, here you can see that wind's share was 14.39% in 2009, with a monthly peak of 22.62% and a low of 9.63% (August).

  • In Portugal, as I diaried, wind's share in electricity consumption was 15.03% in 2009.

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