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so it could have been built either before or after the Reformation

Wasn't Romanesque before Gothic, and wasn't Gothic over around the time of Reformation (Luther having been incensed by the sale of indulgences for the renaissance St. Peter's Basilica)?

At any rate, this is apparently the church Assumption of Mary in Schönau in the Black Forest. From what I can find, the church is a 100-year-old neo-gothic building that retains some elements of an older church of 1341, including the lower parts of the tower.

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Yes, Romanesque was before Gothic, but after Gothic they started mixing the styles (with the big windows and tall spires of the Gothic construction, but with the round rather than pointed arches and the broad ships and load-bearing pillars and outer walls of the Romanesque style).

So Gothic is before the Reformation (well, late Gothic goes into the 16th century according to Wikipedia) but the mixed style is after.

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