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Amusing examples of French Presidents and powerless Queens aside, what would be comparable to the current Egyptian system is if the (let's say French) Constitution proclaimed Catholic Canon Law as being supreme in the interpretation of civil and penal justice, and if the state financed Catholic Tribunals to administer that Canon Law throughout France. If that were the case, you'd all be screaming that France is an oppressive, freedomless, bigoted theocracy. Of course, you'd have a valid point. And yet at the same time, you're all arguing that Egypt isn't a theocracy and that I'm producing... what was the word? Drivel? Inquisitive indeed, and just so arrogant!

I fail to understand why so many of you go out of your way to defend (or at least ignore) Islam's excesses while at the same time being so quick to denigrate Christianity and the Jews. Instead of criticizing Wahhabist bigotry on ET, we get "Yellow Crescents Armband Alerts". While it's certainly commendable to denounce racism, it's outright dangerous to denounce it in a unilateral manner because doing so will just exacerbate racism on both sides.

by Lynch on Thu Aug 19th, 2010 at 01:32:44 PM EST
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