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Here's Warren Buffett's perspective on how broken Obama sees the system. Buffett was speaking in 2007 about both Obama and Clinton:

Buffett: Well I think they both understand what's made this country as prosperous as is. They are not going to kill the golden goose.

Every now and then you get a candidate who thinks... who doesn't understand that.

They know we have a wonderful country and a wonderful economic machine. And so they will build on that, but they will look to an American that, in my view, that makes more people share in that prosperity without in any way dampening it.

The key phrase is "not going to kill the golden goose" and that's the problem with Obama relativity. Likely, Obama does not see the United States as systemically broken and therefore, I think he believes he's doing a pretty awesome job. Obama is the product of the system and it worked for him. So, how could it be broken?

He will tinker and adjust, but not make any wholesale changes that many think are needed. Of course, it begs the question too for people, such as myself, who see the system as broken why replacing the head of the broken system would lead to its fixing?

by Magnifico on Tue Aug 17th, 2010 at 11:04:16 AM EST

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