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Assange prosecutor cited for secrecy breach

The prosecutor who issued the warrant for the arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange  has been reported for violating rules on the confidentiality of preliminary investigations, newspaper Dagens Juridik (DJ) reported on Tuesday.

Due process organisation Rättssäkerhetsorganisationen (RO), which had previously notified the prosecutor through the Ombudsmen of Justice (Justitieombudsmännen, JO) for her conduct in connection with the decision to issue the warrant, has now supplemented its notification, the report said.

According to the organisation, the prosecutor violated the confidentiality of preliminary investigations by giving the media information about this case, DJ reported.

There is this that is being confirmed by several sources:

It appears that the tabloid Expressen got the information about the arrest order directly from the person who is accusing Assange for molestation. She has worked for Expressen and if this is the sinister revenge action many believe the goal for all this is to smear Assange.

Also NordisK Tribun | Anna Ardin bekreftet å stå bak anmeldelse av Assange  [Anna Ardin confirmed to stand behind the review of Assange]

[Google Translation of story]

Anna Ardin met with a younger woman on the police station in Stockholm City on Friday. She reported when Assange of abuse. The other woman who will be 20-years came ostensibly to consult with the police and claimed that Assange had raped her. She did not go to the review, but in serious cases such as suspected rape, it is standard procedure that the police themselves are creating a review.

This was indeed done and prosecuting authorities by Maria Häljebo Kjell Beach Friday night went out with the arrest warrant for Julian Assange. When Eva Finn took over the case Saturday morning, the rape charge dropped, but according to prosecuting authorities, he is still under investigation.

It was not long before the Express had a large bulletin board on the matter. Anna Ardin has previously been known newspaper writer and reporter Niklas Svensson who originally disclosed the matter in Expressen.

It was not long before the participants of the Swedish Internet Forum was able to identify Anna Ardin, the eldest of the two women.

Suspicion was further strengthened when Ardin soon after began to remove various Twitter messages referred Assange, and password protected his blogs. Blogs are still available through Google's archives, and many of her speech illustrated her problematic relationship with men and male roles.

And this

Anna Ardin, the woman who accused Assange for sexual molestation is cousin to Mattias Ardin, lieutenant of the Swedish Army in Mazar-el-Sharif on November 25,  2005 when two Swedish soldiers, Jesper Lindblom and Tomas Bergqvist were killed and several injured in Afghanistan.

This case is beginning smell like a Limburger cheese left in a heating duct.

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