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I'm not sure where you get this presumption of guilt in fairleft's writings here. I don't get that vibe at all - I get a vibe of presumption of good faith on part of the witnesses. Which, perhaps due to an excess of zeal, occasionally seems to slide over into a presumption of good faith on part of the people who report what the witnesses say.

There's a fine line in dealing with this sort of cases: On the one hand, the accused and the witnesses enjoy the presumption of innocence and good faith (resp.). On the other hand, the police and the press do not. How far one should go in digging into witnesses' background in pursuit of deconstructing the official police and press line is at least partly a matter of personal taste.

Now, in my personal opinion, the fact that one of the witnesses went to the press herself (and to Expressen of all places) makes her a perfectly valid target for enquiry. But reasonable people can disagree on that point, particularly given the hearsay/fact ratio of the information we have on everyone involved at this point.

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