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because it looks like we're back to my original point: personal taste. I hope that you'll emphasize this point next time you write a diary about beer.

Right.  Because it's up to Helen to emphasize something that's obvious to everyone already, but which you decide to make some issue out of.  Because obviously everyone here needs a disclaimer that specialized critiques are, y'know, criticisms based on the judges' tastes.  And criticisms are NEVER handy in subjective areas, which is why none of us EVER share anything about areas which we may have more experience in than others, like film, books, music, food, etc.  

Why did I not see this before?  From now on, I'm ONLY writing OBJECTIVE, PROVABLE fact!  First up:  "The Sky is Blue, People."  Or... wait, y'know sometimes it's gray... or... well shit, it can be all sorts of colors.  Or none!  And what about the color-blind among us?  And how do we even know we're all seeing the same thing just because we've all labelled it 'blue?"

No worries, I'll think of something... something that'll make you not have to waste two days making tedious comments.... I'm so sorry for all the distress this has caused you, correcting our shoddy communications.

Maybe we can eventually make language a complete impediment to understanding. -Hobbes

by Izzy (izzy at eurotrib dot com) on Sat Aug 7th, 2010 at 06:26:21 PM EST
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