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The reality about lay beer experts is that they can never taste all of the beers available and therefore are unable to make an expert opinion about what is best and what is lousy.

Then there is the matter of personal taste. How does anyone know where your taste buds have been, since judgment is a matter of context. For example, I have heard people lauding Koors beer out of Denver, USA uber alles, then find out they are just extremist right wing Republicans, who believe the Koors family has the right stuff.

There's no need to try and sample 100 beers, which is impossible. Better to select beer or ale by country.

Number one is Belgium. Number two is Germany. Number three is Britain. Number four is Ireland, as all they have is stout, which are not bad.

And if it is not exported, nobody knows about it expect maybe once a year at these beer festivals.

by shergald on Sat Aug 7th, 2010 at 10:36:44 AM EST

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