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And now, this:

Local | Swedes' party loyalty very much in play: poll

More than one million Swedish voters may yet change their allegiance on election day, according to a new poll, signaling that the battle for control of the Riksdag is far from over.

"The election is still undecided. We're aware that many people are now entering the phase when they start to decide," prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt told the TT news agency on Saturday.

throwing up his hands

I know Swedes don't like to bluntly say "ja" or "nej" but this is getting somewhat ridiculous.  

On the other hand, I could move to Sweden, start the Får Politiskt Parti (Maybe Party) and win every election from now till doomsday.  


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by ATinNM on Sun Sep 12th, 2010 at 02:38:47 PM EST
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