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Obama, John Rawls, and a Defense of the Unreasonable by Nonpartisan, dated June 13, '09 contains an interesting discussion of Rawls' thought.

I think it suffers from the same flaw as all Utopian systems. Rawls starts by trying to decide what a group of people who had to create a society from scratch would want. This approach is unhelpful and only serves to further the disembodiment of theory from the actual functioning of society. I have studied many of these attempts, including all of the various fictive utopias attempted by H.G. Wells.

Instead, I believe we have to look at what actual societies have done before they were taken over by mad utopians such as the Classical Economists and their even madder successors, the Neo-Classical Economists. Such utopian projects seem always to end up being projections of the prejudices of their creators. I do not believe that moving from a living, organic society into one constructed by analysis and theory can produce anything but disaster, be it The Terror, The Bolshevik Revolution, The Great Leap Forward, Globalization or the equally utopian project of creating an autonomous, self governing economic system as attempted by the Classical and Neo-Classical Economists.

By removing the society from a living, evolved culture and thrusting it into a rationally created system we seem doomed to leave our feelings behind and to end up creating a monstrosity. Our current problems are directly the result of our two century failed utopian experiment in creating an economy that is supposed to be independent and autonomous of the culture in which it is based. I believe all such projects are inhuman and inherently doomed.    

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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