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The original designs are in fact US Mid-Western dating to before the 1880s. The range included rolltop desks, cupboards and wooden swivel chairs - the sorts of things you would see in Sheriff's offices in post-Civil War Westerns. They were originally made of oak and were quite heavy.

Sometime before 1900, a Finnish furniture company, based at a place west of Helsinki called Bilnäs (Beakness), bought the rights to the design to make the range in Finland. It was copied exactly. In the 30's a lot of the Finnish range was available in birch. And new designs were added for contract furnishing. Post-WWII a lot of it was taken out of offices and burnt in the yard, fired by a general desire to get away from 'Dour'. Marimekko was a successful post-war company because it brought colour to the home.

Anyway I used to have a house full of Bilnäs, but when you're on the move more it gets to be a drag needing 4 guys every time to move your roll top. I've still get some cupboards and chairs, but I finally sold the old roll top before this last move.

And in the synchronicity dept: the maestro of distressing, who builds all the Bonk machines and artefacts, is currently making exact reproductions of your barrister's bookcase. They sell very well.

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by Sven Triloqvist on Sat Sep 4th, 2010 at 01:51:04 PM EST
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