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Also from the BBC:

People in managerial jobs drink more than their counterparts in manual jobs, official statistics show.

The annual Lifestyle Survey, published by the Office of National Statistics reflects the habits of UK adults in 2009.

Average weekly alcohol consumption for managers was 13.5 units, compared with 10.7 units in those in manual jobs.

The survey also showed that the number of alcohol-related deaths has fallen slightly.

The current recommendations for daily alcohol intake are that it should not regularly exceed three to four units for men and two to three units for women.

However, the survey reveals that amongst managers, 41% of men and 35% of women exceeded these recommendations, on at least one day in the week before they took part in the survey.

Our definitions of mental health are entirely behavioural - i.e. the ability to hold down a job (if there is one), have relationships, and not say odd things about mind probes and TV aliens from the sofa.

They don't take into account the possibility that capitalist work-ethic culture is inherently bonkers and delusional itself, and that while many people cope, not many people thrive or live up to their creative or personal potential.

At the very least "work never killed anyone" is a lie, given the impressively large number of people who die from stress-related illnesses every year - never mind those who are damaged by the environmental and cultural fall-out of corporate insanity.

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