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This is particularly bad:

Uxbridge father pleads for autistic son to be set free from care - Communities - Uxbridge

"As he does not like being there, he gets agitated and anxious, and has reported aggressive behaviour.

"Being forced into a situation he does not like, finds difficult to understand and gets upset about means he can react to the situation and this gets used as evidence against him.

"Prior to going to the treatment unit Steven had quite a good life, content with his routines and daily activities. Of course he gets anxious at times- that's autism."


Brian Doughty, interim director of adult social care health and housing said: "Our Positive Behavioural Support Unit is a residential setting for people who need assistance in managing their own behaviour.

"Although we cannot comment on individual cases, the council takes the decision to refer people to these units very seriously and people are only referred if they are displaying behaviour which is believed to be detrimental to themselves or others.

"We appreciate that these decisions can be very difficult for families, but in all cases the council works closely with them to discuss what is best for individuals so that we can adapt the services accordingly."

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