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ideology waiting in the wings. There is, it may be in need of some dusting off (current in process), what there is (seen in Die Linke and in Front de Gauche ideology) is probably the most Keynesian operative ideology in Western Europe, I think of it a bit as resetting the pattern in the service of people, and then holding that pattern until we can move forward. Anyhow, that's the Democratic manifestation of a left ideology, there are of course others, though it is true they don't get much megaphone-produced voice, which is unsurprising given media concentration, who controls that media and the fact they are (as in the 1930's) much less threatened, and for reasons Jérôme enounces, by the fascist critique (after all, they are in it for the power, their own prosperity being but a casual if not unimportant side effect of that power) which they increasingly embrace (all those wars!) than by the socialist one.

We also shouldn't forget that in large swathes of Western Europe, especially those where immigration is slowing down, we are undergoing a demographic shift, an inexorable (but ultimately, with an upper limit of political impact) aging of the population, something to which we on the left haven't yet formulated a response.

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