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The foundation for this has been rising for some time with the increasing isolation of the individual: political (decreasing power and meaningfulness of local bodies), economic (cubical farms, contracting, perma-temps, all in the name of "individual flexibility"), and social (communal activities replaced with sitting in front of your TV or keyboard).  As relationships have atrophied, so has the ability to resist.

Then comes betrayal.  The Anglo-American version goes like this: Desperate to defeat Thatcherism/Bushism, masses of the disenfranchised establish grassroots political organizations and are rewarded with Blair/Obama.  They all go back home.

After that, what will it take to remobilize?  Oppression itself won't do it.  So long as people have, or at least believe they have, anything, they will cling to it and to anyone who promises they will keep it.  I believe it will take desperation, something like Russia in 1917, breadlines.

by rifek on Mon Jan 10th, 2011 at 08:51:36 AM EST

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