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The key to Lenin's success was seeing that, in his contemporary social context, a small, ruthless, hierarchical cadre was key to succeeding in seizing power. But that approach degenerated into power for power's sake and broke in the contest for military superiority with the USA. Mao's China only survived the Great Flop Backwards by endorsing policies contradictory to their ruling philosophy. We are still waiting to see how that turns out, so we cannot say that that model of obtaining power is bankrupt. But it is not something I would participate in creating.

The minimum criteria are that there be an effective means to determine that selected candidates will actually seek to advance a reform party's agenda. I think that rules out relying on either major party in the USA. Justice for criminal financiers and an economy that works for all are the minimum goals I would accept.

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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