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As a counter-point, what of the recent phenomenon in France of Stephane Hessel's "Indignez Vous!"? Is it possible to discern anything meaningful from the high sales of this pamphlet, and how is it being digested within the French media (especially TV) and by serious people? I would hazard a guess that there must be some kind of disgusted knee-jerk reaction from elites that this old guy is invoking a war-time, resistance mentality to the here and now - though, perhaps, some element of good taste (even respect for Hessel) makes such a critique unutterable, in public at least. Without wishing to get vaguely hysterical with the historical parallels, it does seem to me that Hessel is tapping into a rich seam of potential on this - the last 30 years has seen a certain social and economic warfare being waged on the majority by the minority. Can we snap out of being our own willing executioners though?
by MaBozza (greig.aitken AT gmail.com) on Sun Jan 9th, 2011 at 06:28:24 PM EST

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