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As a peasant you didn't have much choice but to be "loyal", as an employee today you often have little choice but to be "loyal" or risk losing your livelihood. You might also buy into the ideology, propagated by the rich through their control of media, that says that the rich deserve their wealth and that such great inequalities are natural, like the divine right of kings.

Feudalism is Alive and Well

Summary of What a Feudal System is

In each of these examples, one group of person has power over others and the groups with power are willing to use any means to ensure their own gain.  They enforce their power in harsh ways. They also propagate a form of paternalism that states that those at the bottom of the hierarchy benefit from unequal power relations.  In some cases, the disempowered accommodate and show gratitude.  Some accommodators become enforcers; that is, they enforce the rules that the aristocrats have set up, while not acknowledging that they too serve at the whim of their masters.

The economic system in the United States and perhaps world-wide is another variation on the peasant-aristocrat system.  The aristocrats are bankers, financiers, and politicians who created the system and benefited from it.  To maintain the system, the aristocrats co-opted those who were supposed to be supervising them and enforcing the laws. They also co-opted millions and perhaps billions of people who thought they were benefiting from the systems, such as persons who saw the value of their stocks rising, home owners who saw the values of their houses increasing, and individuals who bought homes for little or no money down and who did not have the income to pay the mortgages.

... The peasants who are losing their jobs, homes, and retirement savings are not benefiting in any way close to how the aristocrats are.


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