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Oh yes, it's very much different, especially from life in Melbourne (most European look alike city in Australia) or central Sydney. Look there are lot of people that do not like this stylish new buildings (after some time they all look the same you are right), but then there is a lot of them who love it. I have never been in USA but I have a feeling that a lot of QLD looks like some parts of USA. After all they are copying USA except maybe for some landscape. Australia has many different styles in living...this is just one of them, popular at the moment for some.
A lot of folks (mostly snobs, ha-ha) like to live in so called "Queenslander" that looks like this

Even that people say reminds them of USA south...and they look pretty much similar after you see a lot of them, haha.

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by vbo on Mon Oct 24th, 2011 at 08:11:10 AM EST
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