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... (and none of this is prior knowledge ~ I am googling this myself then passing it on) ...

The 2008 result (party list seats in parentheses) had a parliament of 122 because of 2 MaoriP overhang seats ...

NatP - 58 (17)
LabP - 43 (22)
GrnP - 9 (9)
ACT - 5 (4)
MaoriP - 5 (0)* (overhang of 2)
Prog - 1 (0)
UFtr - 1 (0)
NZ1st - 0 (0)

So the confidence/supply support coalition backing the minority NatP government was 69 (of 122 including the two MaoriP overhang seats).

It has fallen to 65|64 (of 121), seemingly due to ACT and the Maori Party receiving "supporting player punishment" for small parties in support of a major party in government (similar to the collapse in support for the Irish Greens and the coming collapse in the UK Libs).

The MaoriP punishment was split between one defection gaining reelection and one constituency lost to the LabP ~ given splitting of constituency and party list votes, their hit is on the constituency seat level.

The ACT punishment was on the party list, with their vote share falling from 3.65% to an expected 1.05%, enough to justify the single constituency they hold without an overhang, but electing no party list MP's at all.

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