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ACT seem set to retain Epsom (the richest and rightest of Auckland electorates), but not pick up any additional seats, their list vote being close to zero. That's a shame, I'd have liked to see Don Brash (former head of the National Party, and before that, governer of the Reserve Bank) bumbling around in parliament. The man's a walking political catastrophe. He staged a hostile takeover of ACT this year, and basically fired their sitting MPs. He expected to ride the coat-tails of John Banks, the Epsom candidate former mayor of Auckland and all-round hard-right bastard. With Banks as its sole representative, ACT may live on to pick up support when National goes out of favour.

New far-right party, the Conservatives, backed by some millionaire, scored 2.8, but no electorate, so won't be represented in parliament, and with ACT still around, are probably doomed.

Mana on 0.9% means no coat-tails for the new left-of-labour party; I'm disappointed, that's a historic opportunity missed.

My electorate, Auckland Central, on a knife edge, looking like it will go back to Labour. Goodness me, I voted Labour last night... first time since 1984...

Oh, and Greens around 10.5% nationally. Somewhat underperforming the poll rating, this is traditional. Still, that's a dozen MPs.

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by eurogreen on Sat Nov 26th, 2011 at 04:20:11 AM EST

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