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"Economic Cycles and Monetary Policy" in Monetary Policy, Economic Cycle and Financial Dynamics, Paris: Banque de France, 2004.

"Policy-making in EMU: strategies, rules and discretion", in Economic Theory, vol. 27, 2006, pp. 25-38.

Also, found this from Harvard:

PED-231: The Global Financial Crisis: Policy Responses and Challenges

Semester: Spring

Credit: 1.0

Faculty: Lucas Papademos
    Day     Time     Location
First Day     1/23        
Meet Day     M/W     1:10 PM - 2:30 PM     L332

This course examines policies aimed at the prevention and management of financial crises in the light of recent experience. Topics covered include: macroeconomic and microfinancial causes and contributing factors to the global financial crisis; the role of central bank policies in crisis management and prevention; fiscal stimulus packages and bank support schemes; financial regulatory reform and the G20 process; systemic risk and macroprudential supervision; the fiscal legacy of the financial turbulence and the economic recession; and the European sovereign debt crisis.

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