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Well, according to your definition of technocrat, you've just described the man they have tapped, Papademos. Most of his work as an academic has been focused on macroeconomic aspects of the eurozone. I'm sure he well knows the problem.

More troubling is his long long (9 years) reign as Trichet's righthand man at the ECB.

Educated at MIT as a scientist, he moved into economics rather late and taught until he joined a US Federal Reserve Board as senior economist, then moved on to Greece before joining the ECB.

He has been teaching at Harvard since 2010 and advising Papandreou. The fact that his advice has not resulted in preventing horrid austerity measures for Greece makes one question how effective he might be.

Then again, he may have the wherewithal to actual discuss and argue economic policy with his eurozone co-locutors.

by Upstate NY on Mon Nov 7th, 2011 at 10:26:27 AM EST
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