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The major underpinning factors of global unrest:

  1.  Global economy hitting hard boundaries of global natural resources

  2.  Overpopulation when compared to global natural resources (at present day technology)

  3.  Global Climate Change

There's no Magic Pixie Fairy Dust© of the Right OR Left that can quickly address (solve) the global structural situation as long as the "solution" (sic) is predicated on establishing or re-establishing "First World life-styles."  That era is over, done, finished, kaput, Gone With the Wind.  

Those of us who warned, decades ago, this was looming were mocked for saying "austerity" - meaning limiting economic growth, limiting resource depletion, limiting population increase, halting mindless consumerism - was necessary if the world wasn't going to get into a mess ... like the one we're having.  

Now the mockers are imposing austerity at the worst possible time, in the worst possible way, to prop-up a dying system.

The three factors I mentioned are not 'solvable' by local uprising, coup de etat, revolution, etc.  If a country can only employ 80% of its population then only 80% of its population can BE employed.  Even China, whose leaders are doing all they can to create as much employment as they can, have only moved (about) 100,000,000 of their population (out of ~1.1 billion) into "First World" jobs and living conditions; and it has taken them 20 years to be able to do that; and their success is predicated on selling massive amounts of junk to US consumers ... who can no longer afford to buy massive amounts of junk.

Worse, if a country - with the best will in the world - can only feed 80% of its population then only 80% of its population can BE fed.  Global and local population, if unchecked, increases in relation to the available food supply, not the other way 'round.  In this regard I'll note one of the triumphant shouts at Tahrir Square was, "Now I can get married!"

Just what Egypt needs: another Baby Boom.


A series of popular revolts against RW authoritarian governments - who can't employ/feed the population - and instituting LW popular governments - who can't employ/feed the population - is de minimus.  What is being initiated is a series of revolts, coups, putsches, etc. that will continue until, by good management, judgment, or luck, a government comes into power that can employ/feed the population.

IMO that will only happen when the population decreases.  

She believed in nothing; only her skepticism kept her from being an atheist. -- Jean-Paul Sartre

by ATinNM on Fri Feb 18th, 2011 at 01:59:35 PM EST

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