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The Open Letter says
We are aware of, and are adamantly opposed to, efforts by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the International Republican Institute (IRI) and other U.S. government-funded efforts to advance U.S. strategic and economic objectives under the guise of "democracy promotion." We recognize, however, that Dr. Sharp and the Albert Einstein Institution are not part of such an agenda.
ThatBritGuy in his Yes - who is Gene Sharp?
Not even the basic facts are true. Sharp certainly isn't lacking cash or connections. He may not choose to spend the money on bling, but even if he earns "only" $100k a year - plus expenses - that's more than US workers earn. And the annual reports of the Albert Einstein Institution show that it has received multi-million dollar donations. (Conveniently, the sources aren't named, but Sourcewatch has some of them.)
Albert Einstein Institution - SourceWatch

Between 1993 and 1999 they received funding from[5]:

Keynesianism is intellectually hard, as evidenced by the inability of many trained economists to get it - Paul Krugman
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