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I labour under the impression that you have built a narrative* where the entire debt of the Irish state is hold by "evil" foreign actors, who for some unclear reason deserve to lose their money.

Because of this xenophobic paranoia you have a xenophobic solution: A bank or multinational company who resides - probably because of the low corporation tax - in Ireland is good and should get interest and capital on their bonds. A company or bank that has the misfortune not to have resettled in Ireland and still resides elsewhere should lose everything.

So my mutual regional bank, who has perhaps bought some Irish bonds in the past, is evil and should lose everything. The equivalent Irish mutual bank, who has participated to its heart delight in the property bubble and regularly showered local Fianna Fail politicians with money is good and should take no losses at all.

Meanwhile the Irish elite is laughing all the way to the bank*.

*( or Meistererzählung, but I don't want to fuel your xenophobia)

*( Not a Irish bank! Only idiotic foreigners would keep their money there! Lichtenstein, Cayman Islands)

by IM on Sat Feb 5th, 2011 at 06:24:20 AM EST
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