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Yes, starve, starve starve, And the externalized scapegoat is the EU, and in the case of Iceland the Netherlands and the UK. The Icelandish scheme, to put the assets and the domestic deposits in the new bank and leave all foreign deposits with the empty husk of the old, was fraudulent. As redstar pointed out, you agitated for the rescue of the Icelandish oligarchs at the cost of dutch and british tax-payers. Indeed, the Icelandish neoliberals thrown out of government, retreated to their positions in the press and engineered this famous referendum to weaken the new left-wing government.

And you supported this neoliberal swindle as some progressive movement. And now you propagate the same model: >Defend "our" oligarchs against the foreigners< for Ireland.

redstar had good arguments. Still posting?

Boycotting german goods: Well, you can buy more Scania and less MAN. That will impress VW mightily. In the age of the multinational company...

by IM on Mon Feb 7th, 2011 at 10:05:21 AM EST
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