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Anyone with actionable connections with the Irish press could try to convince some paper or other to translate and reprint the following article from Die Zeit
Nothing like a hopeless recession to get people to undust the past.

Last December 28, Die Zeit published the following piece about a topic dear to our hearts...

Historisches Experiment: Das Wunder von Wörgl | Wissen | ZEIT ONLINEHistorical experiment: the wonder from Wörgl
Wie bekommt man das Geld zum Zirkulieren und in hoffnungsloser Rezession die Wirtschaft in Schwung? Ein österreichischer Bürgermeister wagte 1932 ein erstaunliches ExperimentHow does one get money to circulate and the Economy going in a hopeless recession? An Austrian mayor carried out an astonishing experiment in 1932.
Ideally this should not be in connection with discussing this plan for Irish default, but just to plant in people's minds the idea to
issue scrip to pay your domestic creditors and operating expenses
Also, it doesn't hurt that the villain of the Wörgl story is the Austrian Central Bank, which thought nothing of aborting a successful economic development to protect its own monopoly over money.

Keynesianism is intellectually hard, as evidenced by the inability of many trained economists to get it - Paul Krugman
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