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It might be useful - partly for its shock value - to show a domestic violence video sequence where a women physically abuses a man - and then ask the question: would you like this to happen to you?

This breaks the stereotype that its always man on women abuse; that D|V is somehow an exclusively "womens" issue; and encourages men to identify with the abused rather than the abuser.

It would be interesting to see how male viewers "cope" with the video: often with sarcasm/humour/evasiveness - and blame the man for not being a real man for allowing it to happen. - this comes from the same of thought form stable that the blames the female victim for "asking for it" by not being sufficient sweet/amenable/compliant or whatever.

You could role play it -  and video some vox pop reactions to the video - and the advice they give the victim on how s/he should have reacted, or bystanders should have reacted.  Or how you would have reacted. Or what you thought was the underlying cause, and what could be a lasting solution.

Put all the prejudices/hang-ups out there as expressed by people reacting to the role play so that the reactions become part of the role play experience.  Actors responding to the advice given from the audience - harassing a member of the audience - also role played - who gives "the WRONG answer".

Confuse people by implying they are implicated in the violence - it was there fault it happened because they did nothing. Break the conventional performer/detached observer convention.` YOU knew your neighbour was being beaten up, didn't you?


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