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Here is an idea on that theme:

  • create a site dedicated to gathering stories about how the cuts are affecting you and your dear ones. (With step-by-step guides for common cell-phones/webcam solutions.)

  • a campaign to get people to tell how the cuts are affecting them - Speak out! - through the site in question. Pamphlet/letter: "We know that the cut of [insert social service] leads to [insert consequence] but we need you to tell the world what that means in practice. Check the stories and upload your own at [site]" Poster with picture of Cameron: "He stole your money to hand it to their banker friends. He is counting on your silence, do not give it to him! Speak Out!"

  • facebook group, twitter with twitter tag #speakout, and all that jazz

  • plan activities that can be launched if and when it takes of, like a symbolic handover of the stories (one cd each, to make a visual impact) or a big demonstration with the stories running on big screens.

The point is to get people angry at what is being done to them rather then to feel shame for their situation. By placing their stories front and center, you illustrate in action that the union is for them. You also get the effect that those that upload their stories are likely to market the campaign to their friends. Hopefully some videos goes viral and are then easy to run by the newscorps (include permission rights to that effect when uploading) to illustrate the news.

Use if you like. At least it is not a poster that has been here since the 50ies...

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by A swedish kind of death on Thu Mar 17th, 2011 at 04:20:10 PM EST
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