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The debt exposure graph is the secret that must not be spoken in this bad play.
I feel somewhat bad to be holding the passport of country number 2 (and to reside in country number 3). To my defence I can only point out that I was so against the current government that I joined a party in order to try and defeat it.

Not that it's directly related, but this "screw the weak" attitude reminds me of a recent event.

We had someone at home for dinner -not a bad person but maybe not someone who asks too many questions about the system.
So, this is someone who, at 36, makes around 130-150k£ a year I think, and though being a single woman wants to buy a house at least 120m2 big.
At some point, after my wife and I had mentioned how we may want some things to change workwise, which were not about money, she mentioned how she was looking to all opportunities and that for her it was all about money (oh? I'd been told that her recent change was because stress in the previous job was playing on her health, surely that must matter as well).

So, I asked how that could be since she certainly had enough to live comfortably. She said that yes, but she wanted to be able to retire in a few years time.

Then I, ever the party popper, suggested that, to the extent that she would achieve that, it would be a failure of the system. That surprised her somewhat. so I explained that there was little reason why we (we don't make so much but I didn't want to turn it into a personal accusation) should be able to retire at 45 when the vast majority, who have jobs that I wouldn't want to swap for mine even with equal pay, should be forced to go on till 67 and end up with hardly any savings.

Her answer: "but that's how capitalism works".

Wow. First, no. Sweden is capitalist. But if it was the case with every capitalist country, I believe you should say "that's how capitalism fails to work". Later it turned out that she believed that the UK was about the most equal a developed country could be -nevermind that it's one of the most unequal.

It ended with "so you're a socialist then". I had to go to the kitchen at the time so I couldn't ascertain whether that was meant in negative overtones or just as a sincere question.
But, there was clearly the idea that "screw the weak" is how it's supposed to work. Not done in order to do it, but it's part of the system you see, and we should have the aspirations that the system wants us to have, because otherwise it's no longer capitalism, and we know that it's the only thing that works.

So they may not weep for the Spanish. I do - yo lloro.

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed. Gandhi

by Cyrille (cyrillev domain yahoo.fr) on Fri May 20th, 2011 at 02:37:48 AM EST

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