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I have some friends, good friends and good people too on a personal bases who make a really, really big money (mostly specialists doctors with private practice).We do not talk about politics or money in wider sense. They simply DO NOT WANT to think or understand broader picture. They simply only care how to pay less tax ( always crying out loud about high taxes in Australia) and how many new properties ( or other means) they can find to make their money work for them better ( never happy with what bank gives them to keep that money in the bank ( around 6-7%). They simply do not need any more money (they can retire straight away) and even their children can retire right now, but NO, it's never enough. That's why I avoid that kind of talk. But I have to admit that maybe in their situation I would beehive same way...I cannot guaranty...From my situation picture is somehow different.
At some point few years ago when one couple (good friends) who have their private interior design business started to make pretty good money we had a conversation. My husband being an engineer worked for   some company (his profession was already in crises being outsourced slowly to India) and his salary was stagnant for some time and I said how people are struggling lately with salaries being stagnant and prices going up. They did not seem to care saying something like: "its market capitalism, bla bla bla..." Then I said "Look if there is no middle class and if we do not have money for whom do you think you will make your kitchens, shops etc..." Now when housing boom is design slowly and Chinese are coming with pretty good quality and cheap kitchens and people are struggling to pay mortgage let alone renovate they are feeling a pinch...Suddenly they understand very well what I was talking about.
I do not expect people to understand and sympathise...not in this climate that I have seen here in last 10 years or so.

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by vbo on Fri May 20th, 2011 at 10:49:20 AM EST
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