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You beat me to it, I was going to make a diary about this also (even if my time is highly limited)!

This is going around in Portugal quite a lot (so it seems, I write this from the US of A). Obviously comments about Nazism through other means are starting to surface...

I have one more thing to add to your piece.

I think this is another proof that "one size does NOT fit all".

As some know here, I have worked in .NL and there the minimum legal for vacation is 20 days. Because of one thing called collective bargaining and unions nobody that I knew off had less than 25. I had 2 jobs: on one I had 25 days, on the other I had 30 days vacation.

So law saying 20 days + collective bargaining = 25+ vacation days.

Now, take the same legal requirement (20 days) in Portugal: As the unions (outside the public sector) are toothless (courtesy of 48 years of fascist dictatorship) the result would be: 20 days of vacation, no more. Currently the legal framework is 22/25 days and that is exactly what people have. And, by the way, if you work in the new economy, do not even think in turning down your mobile phone during your vacations...

The same formal legal framework, would have different practical consequences...

PS - She is factually wrong on the issue of retirement also. In Portugal the retirement age is "just" 65, but is indexed to life expectancy, so it is expected to raise above 67 well before Germany's 2029 date. Well, maybe not, with the cuts to our national health service maybe we will end up retiring at 60 (assuming the indexing to life expectancy in maintained)

by cagatacos on Wed May 18th, 2011 at 12:30:44 PM EST

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