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This is a call for plunder. And Papandreou went along with it 100%.

Meanwhile as the conservative leader Antonis Samaras seems less than willing to commit his party to following the perscriptions of the troika (a bluff: he wants his own version of pretty much the same policy, just like DoDo has described happening in Hungary), the Serious People have ganged up on him, with the goal of forcing him into a coalition government that will, they assume, strengthen the political support and serve as a mandate for austerity. This under the auspices of the MSM. This is the sort of rhetoric that 95% of Serious news sources is innundated with...
Despite this, Public Issue, a polling company published the results of a survey that reported that:

62% of Greeks think that the memorandum with the troika has harmed the country and the same percentage is against it (13% it benefited the country - 15 support it), 16% think that there is no alternative (69% think there are alternatives). 77% do not trust the Prime Minister to manage the economy (22% trust him). 75% have a negative view of the IMF (69% last year), and 74% of DSK (49% last year). 69% believe that the IMF must leave Greece now (up 4% from 6 months ago). Only 52% have a negative view of the ECB (vs 33% positive) and 61% of Trichet. 59% have a positive view of the EU (up three points from 6 months ago). 53% want to bargain and default on at least a part of the public debt. 17% want to default completely and unilaterally. 33% think that the country needs a revolution and 56% deep changes. Greeks support strikes (74 - 20) and protests & marches (69 - 25) and are marginally not supportive of electoral abstention (45 - 54) and public deprecation and jeering of politicians (43 - 54)... 78% vs 21, believe that a social explosion is impending...

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