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"Progressive economics" is riddled with too much planning. Should it be coops? Big? Small? Maybe small ownership?

I would suggest a different take: instead of planning good solutions, what about avoiding bad alternatives? And then let people find their own ways.

So, for instance:

  1. Avoid massive concentrations of wealth. Make it illegal one way or the other.

  2. Avoid private monopolies. Real competition works in several domains. Private monopolies is the worst of both worlds.

  3. Be careful with too much power in the central state. As the state can be taken by special interests (see, e.g., Europe, 2011)

  4. Enforce separation of powers. Consider money and mass media powers! Have money? Then cannot have mass media. Dear Rupert Murdoch, please choose: either your money or your media empire.

  5. And so on

Regarding the rest: stop patronizing people with "the best solutions", let them find their ways. The liberal mantra of "get out of the way" roughly works as long as people do not accumulate too much power.

It might not sound good, but "progressive politics" could be defined by negatives: these are the limits, the rest is fair game.

Big is Bad.

by cagatacos on Sun May 29th, 2011 at 11:20:45 PM EST

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