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btw, a minor quibble but re GW1. It very nearly wasn't fought at all. Saddam sought and gained permission from the US to invade

GW1 wiki

On the 25th, Saddam Hussein met with April Glaspie, an American ambassador, in Baghdad. According to an Iraqi transcript of that meeting, Glaspie told the Iraqi delegation,

    "We have no opinion on the Arab-Arab conflicts."

The US sent troops to defend Saudi, but it wasn't until the Kuwait govt in exile contracted the lobbying firm Hill and Knowlton to create a view in DC to intervene. Their campaign included the farcical Senate committee hearings where the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador masqueraded as a nurse talking of babies thrown from incubators and other imagined atrocities (I am not suggesting none took place, but the testifier could not have known of them). The final Senate vote to re-invade Kuwait was 52-47, with several Senators admitting they had been exclusively swayed by the testimony of "atrocities".

I really don't think the mood in DC or the wider US was all that interested till then. The US was bounced into the war.

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