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No, the market price does not depend on whether it is extracted by the man who created the value or by someone else.

Yes it does. If i pay more production costs (less economic rent) in the markets, then there is more production incomes in the market. And so more supply relative to demand.

If I can deny you an object of value, I can get you to pay for it, whether I created it or not.

It is called rent, or monopoly profit. (Or perhaps interest).

There are advantages to taxing rents, but lower cost of living is not one of them.

Lower prices, equal income distribution, poverty abolished and meritocratic society. From pure economic point of view.

Interest is still a payment for services rendered, Specifically, it is a payment for the service of not sending goons with guns to kick you out of your home.

You mean mafia protection against the government?

(That's also the service taxes are paid for.)

And this second payment is for government protection against the mafia?

by kjr63 on Wed Jun 8th, 2011 at 06:11:15 AM EST
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