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Yeah...Brits are moving very far as we speak...Australia is full of them now and everywhere you can hear accent...I just met a young couple that came here. Nice people, young and educated. They came from Birmingham. They are franticly looking for jobs here. As professionals they can hardly find serious jobs (their jobs) on visitors/working visa so now they are applying for permanent residence. They miss their families a lot. They would like to bring their parents here. They can apply for family reunion after they have permanent residence but waiting list for their parents to come after they are granted visas is 24 years. Go figure. They will either continue to miss their families and stay here (if they manage to find jobs) or they will go back after this crisis.
It's getting harder to find a job here even as professionals (if you do not want to live in rural areas, which is interesting for some professions like some engineer and medical professions etc,). Friend told me that she recently applied for pretty high manager job here in Brisbane and 90 people applied for that job too. 8 years ago when she came here from New Zealand she got that job over the internet and them payed for family to move here (tickets, container for furniture etc). Same happened to us. My husband had a choice of few companies giving him job and paying all expenses. It is much different now...

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by vbo on Wed Jun 1st, 2011 at 07:06:45 PM EST
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